5 Superheroes That Marvel and DC Fans Have Grown Up Loving The Most

Teenagers love superheroes, they love them more when the superheroes are of their same age and have somewhat more things in common, even after being so different. Here are 5 Teenage Superheroes that will always live in the hearts of their fans.

The first teen mutant who made into the X-Men team. A born leader, a great strategist, the mutant could shoot optic blasts which are why he was given the codename, Cyclops. He also is morally strong, making him a great superhero and a teen idol. 

Johnny Storm had always been an extrovert. Always high-spirited and in the mood for some action, even before Johnny turned into the Human Torch, he was all into fast cars and adventures, after gaining his powers, Johnny becomes even wilder and boy it was cool. He could now fly, shoot flames out of his hands and literally could be on fire all the time.


Supergirl’s most famous version, Kara Zor-El, a teenage girl who is also Superman’s younger sister is every bit as powerful as Superman. Being the sister of the boy scout sure can be a problem for the girl though, with always being in check of her actions the teen also had to face constantly face compassion and being outshined by her elder brother. Even then, she made a really cool teen, who was and is an idol for millions of viewers out there.

An acrobat who became the Dark Knight’s apprentice. What more should one say, the guy was literally trained by the best. With having amazing detective & fighting skills and being a natural acrobat, he was undoubtedly the best Robin out of all that were there. He, later on, went up to be the leader of the Teen Titans and eventually became Nightwing.

This guy undoubtedly is the best teen superhero that has ever lived. Be it being awkward in front of the girl you love, or always running short of money, Peter Parker was the one teen superhero with whom almost every other teen could completely connect. His sarcastic comments, witty one-liners, super strength as well as his agility, all made it amazing to see the web-slinger go into action.
Credit : Quirky Byte.

Not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay.

If your heart hurts a little after letting go of Someone or Something, that’s okay. It just means that your feelings were genuine. No one likes ends. And no one likes pain.  But sometimes we have to put things that were once good to an end after they turn toxic to our well being. Not every new beginning is meant to last forever. And not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay. ❤☺