Walk away from People

Sometimes you have to walk away from people, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t. :’)


Persom who makes you smile

That one person who makes you smile when you don’t want to, someone you can’t keep your hands off from, who makes you want to be better, someone who makes the ordinary feel Iike extrordinary. :’)

Never let that person go. 👫👬

The world isn’t as terrible as it seem

I want to let you know that the world isn’t as terrible as it seems, that the people that make it hard, once loved and once were loved in return, I want to let you know that if there is any chances of finding peace, then its begins with you and those around you, I want to let you know that every day something worth living for, you let it, the world and its people are still beautiful and only love and friendship save us all.

– R.m. Drake

Don’t Let Him Go

​When a Boy says Sorry even though He didn’t do anything. When a Boy cries because he still Loves you or misses you. When a Boy still tries to get you Back. When a Boy no matter how much you hurt him still Loves you. When a Boy stops his Argument with his Girl to save his Relationship. When a Boy continuously makes you feel special and Tries to make you Happy. When a Boy is Upset but doesn’t tell you as He thinks He is annoying you. When a Boy wants to Leave you, because of your Rude behavior, but He is Not able to do. Don’t Let him Go. You May Never find Someone like that Ever again. 💑 💞 👫